Mark Dollins
Head of Executive and Global Employee Communications
“As in-house resources contract, communications professionals need tools that are quick, intuitive, readily accessible and effective. Having run crisis communications for some of the world’s largest food and beverage brands, and for gas and electric utilities, I know a quality, relevant tool when I see it. Blink has cracked the code.”
Tom Conley
High Point Market Authority
“Having had the privilege to lead consumer products associations in Outdoor Products, Housewares, Toys and Furniture, it’s my job to present strategic solutions to the membership that represent true value-add. Crisis planning and response is a top priority for every firm that values its reputation and customer base. Blink OnDemand Crisis PR represents the most innovative, and affordable, solution available for developing and implementing a crisis PR plan.”
Michael Rosenberg
Cherryvale Farms, Inc.
“Food companies are particularly vulnerable to the influence of social media. Whatever the issue, food manufacturers need to be ready to take action immediately in the court of public opinion to protect their brand, their franchise and their good name. Blink OnDemand Crisis PR software acts like an experienced desktop coach leading you through every step of the crisis planning and response process.”
Sara Davenport
Executive Director
Holistic Health
“Reputation is everything in the health care field. As practitioners, we need to focus on the health of our patients and of our business. Blink OnDemand Crisis PR software gives us the toolkit to prepare and activate a plan in the event of a crisis. It’s a thorough, step-by-step solution that requires no special expertise, just an understanding of your own business. Think of it as inoculating your business from crisis fallout.”